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Power three phase equipment from a single phase power source.

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New Rotary Phase Converter Pricing
Rotary phase converters are efficient at converting single phase power into three phase electricity for most all three phase applications. Rotary Phase Converters manufactured by TEMCo are built to handle from light loads to industrial heavy-duty continuous use.
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Static Phase Converter Pricing
Static phase converters are used to start three motor related applications and allow them to continue to run on single phase power. TEMCo builds several models of static phase converters from light starting duty to heavy starting duty and several special application models.
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TEMCo offers high quality industrial heavy duty single phase to three phase converters at discounted pricing. TEMCo currently is having a "Big Phase Converter Sale". TEMCo phase converters are built with the highest quality components to last many years of operation.

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Tower Electric Motor Company has the experience you can trust. Experienced at manufacturing single to three phase converters and selling and maintaining electrical motors and power generators over the years since 1968. All TEMCo's electrical products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and backed by our industry standard warrantees. When you need a single to three phase converter, three phase electric motor, three phase power generator, or quality electric motor supply, you can turn to TEMCo.

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